metallic pink color code How to remove adhesive from vinyl wrap film

metallic pink color code

Sometimes adhesive residues can remain after removing vinyl wrap film from vehicles. metallic pink color code They would use adhesive promoter to soften the residues and then scrape it with a plastic scraper. This is a different story if adhesive from a previous wrap is stuck to a finished wrap, such as if it was made from stripes. This is a case where adhesive promoter should not be used as it will cause damage to the vinyl wrap film beneath. metallic pink color code You should also avoid using scraper, as you could scratch the film. What can you do in such a situation? TeckWrap uses safe, solvent-based acrylic adhesive to make vinyl wrap film easy to remove. But in case it does not work, here is the next technique:

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Applying high-quality masking tapes over the residues of vinyl wrap films is the best and most efficient way to remove adhesive. Heat it up and it will soften. After you've reached this point, you can simply take the masking tape off one at a time. Keep pulling steadily. As you pull, any adhesive residue will be removed. metallic pink color code If you have excess adhesive residue and it does not completely disappear when you pull, you can return to the spot and press the masking tape several times to remove the adhesive. This method will remove adhesive residue and protect the vinyl wrap film beneath. metallic pink color code There might be variations in the performance of masking tapes. metallic pink color code The general principle is to apply masking tapes over the adhesive residue, heat the adhesive and soften it, and then peel off the tape. You will be able to remove the adhesive easily. Removal of adhesive Tips for wrapping your car Installation TeckWrap Wrap tips

metallic pink color code

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